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     Life Safety Inspector enables technicians the ability to use Pocket PC's to electronically perform fire inspections at the highest level possible. We have an extensive knowledge of every challenge faced by the fire inspector and pride ourselves on continuing that core competency as the leader in mobile inspection software. Our code compliant reports make us acceptable by even the most discerning Facility Managers and Authorities Having Juristiction. Click on our industries below to request samples of industry leading reports.



     Life Safety Inspector has been groomed through many years of working closely with our customers.  We listen to the requests and pay attention to the inspection methodologies.  In turn, this helps us continue to stay on top of the industry with the most effective inspection/service software solution.  It is our customers that drive our software to where it is now and to where it is going in the future.

     Streamline your inspection and service company and move into the new paperless generation with Life Safety Inspector.  Expand your coverage base and begin taking on those inspections that you just couldn't afford in the old days of paper-based inspections.

     You'll witness within the first year how quickly time is saved in the field, how labor costs are lowered and how tasks in the office become so easy.  You'll also enjoy a noticeable increase in your overall profits and the amount of new business you can entertain.  Life Safety Inspector's monthly automated inspection creation tool eliminates mistakes and lets you plan ahead. In the field, efficient tools allow your technicians to input their answers with one button.  Your technicians will never have to fill out another report again.  The system does it for them.  Improve your company image, harness professionalism and dazzle your clients by delivering the best inspection reports in the business.

    We have the premiere system to take your enterprise to the next level. 

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